An EXCLUSIVE interview with a Crew Member. ”What’s the feeling like living on a cruise ship from 6 to 9 months”?

A lot of us have been on a cruise at least once. Surely you’ve had asked yourself how do the crewmembers handle working on the ship.
We made an interview with an employee on one of the cruise ship companies which didn’t want to expose his identity and workplace..

But he did promise to deliver honestly about the whole situation regarding what’s life on the ships. After the whole interview we really understood that these people working on the ships really deserve our respect!

This is how our whole conversation started.


CruiseShipAdventure – Hello, first we want to thank you for accepting our offer to tell us about how life on the ship is and what is happening in the crew-only areas.

Crewmember – I want to thank you for inviting me and I hope that my statement will be quite interesting and tempting for your readers. And of course for the guests that go on cruises often and don’t see anything that’s happening “behind the scenes”. I remember now before I got off the ship for my vacation, I was passing by a restaurant on the ship and a guest said to me “excuse me can I ask how is it possible for me to see you here now and in 2 seconds you’ll be gone, you completely disappear?”. That’s the moment when you enter the crew-only areas, and those are your favorite places.

CruiseShipAdventure – Well lets start from somewhere. A lot of the guests are surely interested if life on the ships is hard and how do you handle living 6 months with 10 hour workloads every day without a day off?

Crewmember You know, every job whether it be on land or on the ships, has its own hardships. Yes, it’s not the same as working 8 hours a day with a day off, but you know how… every job has its pros and cons. It depends on how you accept it. I’ve been working on the ships for 14 years now, and I only feel like it has been a year. Life is so fast and dynamic on the ships that you can’t even imagine. You’re simply in a hurry all the time, you literally don’t have time for anything.For example it also depends on the position you’re working as, if you work in a restaurant this is going to be your life.

You get up early, you get ready for breakfast, you complete that task and all of a sudden you prepare the whole restaurant for lunch. Between that you have some 30 minute breaks, exactly enough time for coffee and a cigarette. After lunch time you move to dinner. And here comes that 2 – 3 hour long breakwhere you can go out on a walk or rest for the coming dinner. Dinner’s on until 22h and after that you have a couple of hours to clean everything and finally your work day is over. That’s that machine that’s moving all the time and it’s made and thought of that way so that you don’t have enough time to think about is that hard or not. You simply turn on the machine and work until the end.

CruiseShipAdventure – How do you handle being apart your family for such a long time?

Crewmember – Find me one man that will say “I don’t miss them”. I think that you can’t find a man on this planet. You see, when you think about being here for money and securing the better future for your children those thoughts slip your mind. You try to stay focused for the reason you came here.

CruiseShipAdventure – How much are you being paid for a month?

Crewmember – It really depends on which position you’re working on. I live in Indonesia and if you compare the average salary in my country to that which I’m making on the ships, I would be making around 10 times more than that amount.

CruiseShipAdventure– Are you happy with the food you’re getting?

Crewmember –(Laughing)- When it comes to the food I won’t really comment on that. The most important thing is that alongside all the other kinds of food we have rice every day. And you know our saying, “No rice, no power!”

CruiseShipAdventure – And for our final question we would like to ask you how much longer are you planning on working on the ships?

Crewmember – You know when it comes to cutting your working relationship with the cruise companies, almost always, on the last months of your contract you will be saying “This is my last contract”. But here comes that magic when you come home for a months vacation and you say “one more and that’s it!”. And it happens year after year. And that’s why I cannot really give you a precise answer about when will I be done working on the ships.

CruiseShipAdventure – We would like to thank you for agreeing to bea part of our adventure. It’s our honor having an interview with a man who is already there and can tell us the truth of what is going on there.

Crewmember – I would like to thank you for the opportunity.

After our conversation we can only say,

“These people deserve respect”



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