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Living on a cruise ship is cheaper than living on land.

Weird but true.

Every single one of us would like to live in an environment where everyone is loved. You feel relaxed, loved and every day is a new adventure. Every day you wake up at different places, you’re treaded like a VIP Guest, there is no need to clean your room, your thoughts are what are you going to be eating today.

The wonderful service that is here just for you. You just simply need to make an order.

You must be thinking that to have all this you will need millions. But you’re completely wrong. According to latest researches on some of the cruise lines, you could save a lot of money by living on cruise ships than living on land. With this move you just only change your lifestyle.

According to a statement from a 67 year old businessman, from 365 days of the year he spends 350 on cruise ships. He states that cruising is keeping him alive. Just the trip around the world gives him the power and energy to feel like he is not getting any older. He says that living on a ship is half of your health.

Recently, the company Regent Seven Seas implied cruises that last more than 130 days. Although this was not something new, the chairman of the company found out something interesting. The interest for these cruises rose more each day. And not only for the older guests but from the younger as well.

Famili time

When there was an interview with a guest that stays on longer cruises the main question was: What do you miss while you’re on a longer cruise.

You will be surprised by the answer.

The answer was: Honestly, we feel wonderful and relaxed, we’re connected to Facebook and Twitter and we don’t really have a reason to miss anything.

Experts say that if you calculate your expenses on the cruise ship it will come to around 100 dollars a day. Which means that you need around 3000 dollars per month. When you compare that to some countries’ monthly expenses cruising would be much cheaper. When you think about it, with 3000 dollars a month you have literally EVERYTHING. In every sense of the word if you do chose to live on a cruise ship.

You don’t have to think about your electric bills, rent, food, mortgages and everything else. Which compared to other countries, the mortgages and rent alone is 3000 dollars.

Safe money

Another advantage is being a loyal guest to a cruise line, which you can save more from. Let say you can get your excursions 50% cheaper, the stay as well and food and drink packages which will be on their on special price as well and other benefits included.

We are aware that everyone can take 1 year of vacation and go cruise. But believe us those that can take that time and has the chance to to take this adventure. An adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. And what if you decide to live on the ship?



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