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The Ship That Broke All Records In The Cruise Industry !!!

The company Royal Caribbean alongside all of its successes so far, it can officially  brag about a “monster” ship. The biggest in the world Symphony of the Seas. The ship is currently being built in France. This ship is breaking all the records so far.

The new ship in Royals family will have its maiden voyage in April 2018. The ships first destinations are beautiful countries such as Spain, France and Italy. The chairman of Royal Caribbean staded that this will be something the ship industry hasn’t seen before.

With some already known attractions but a lot of new activities it will be filled with an adventurist spirit.

The current newest ship from the Royal family, Harmony of the Seas still keeps the record of the ship that offers you an amazing list of amenities. The goal of Symphony of the Seas is to have all that and more, which you can see and experience the moment you step on the ship.

The ship will be with a capacity of 5475 to 6870 guests, 2100 crew and 12 cabin floors, a length of 1192m and a 230000GT. This is the second ship to have Royal’s new robot barman technology. They are made to serve drinks in the Bionic Bar. This is something that nobody has ever seen before until Royal stepped in.

An interesting fact about this ship is that it’s 300 feet longer than the Titanic.

And even more interesting, if you compare it to the Eiffel Tower it will be longer for around 200 feet.

Simphony of the Seass

Like its other sister ships, this ship will have telescoping funnels as well which will give it the opportunity to cross under bridges. Symphony of the Seas is designed to have something for everyone. The luxury, beautiful apartments, walkways, activities such as wall mountain climbing, ice rinks and a lot of different activities make it different than the other ships.

It will simply be breathtaking. In total there are around 2744 different cabins. From which 200 are suites,1800 balcony rooms, 720 adjoining, 46 specially designed for persons with disabilities and special needs.

The ship will hold so many bars and restaurants that you will have a hard time deciding which to pick and where to go. With a variety of restaurants such as ”The Grande”,”Johnny Rockets”,”American Icon Grill””Giovanni’s Table”, and more than 10 different varieties that will offer a different experience than anywhere else before. This ship can also hold appraisal for all the other activities and the programs which will organize during the cruises.

This is the second ship in a row from Royal.

When the ship finishes its maiden voyage it sails for the Caribbeans, there it will dock in Port Miami, which is still under construction.

The arrival of this ship in the Royal family, the total ship count is 26. The company already started to take reservations for the first cruises. That’s why you should hurry because this is a dream for everyone that enjoys cruising. This will be an unforgettable experience that shouldn’t be missed.

This video will show you what exactly is happening there:



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